accreditation specifically
for SMEs.

The award-winning, eco-friendly accreditation for UK businesses

So-Go-Eco is an award-winning eco-friendly accreditation. Designed for small to medium-sized enterprises, it is simple, practical and highly flexible. Better yet, reducing wasted energy and resources won’t just cut your carbon footprint, it will dramatically cut those energy bills, too. That means you can save money and the planet at the same time.


The average energy
cost savings

1 in 4

Number of tonnes of
carbon saved


Consumers who choose
eco-friendly brands

What’s So-Go-Eco’s all about

The So-Go-Eco scheme will make it simple for you to reduce your carbon footprint and improve environmental performance. Powered by Office Friendly, our experts will provide step-by-step advice. We’ll help you audit your energy use, analyse waste and develop a more sustainable business model.

With a flexible, practical structure, the programme allows you to progress at a speed and level which is right for you. This makes it easy to achieve year-on-year reductions in CO₂, through clear practical action.

Site visit to assess energy use

Training workshop to take practical action

Promote your environmental credentials

To reduce waste, inefficiency and costs

Win more business

Your personalised carbon plan

Certificate and listing on the Carbon Smart register

Understand climate change and carbon offsets

Develop a great environmental policy

Staff motivation pack

£1000s in reward

So-Go-Eco has a proven track record of saving businesses money. For the average SME, this amounts to thousands of pounds every year.

Tonnes of carbon

Achieve year-on-year reductions of CO2 through clear, practical action and feel good about doing your bit for the planet.

Win business

Environmental accreditations can mean the difference between success and failure in bids and tenders. So-Go-Eco opens valuable opportunities.

A brand to love

Studies say the modern consumer is heavily influenced by a brand’s commitment to sustainability. Be the example and build a loyal following.

Carbon Smart accreditations

Blue – commit to taking action

You already recycle but want to take sustainability to the next level

You want to reduce your environmental impact further

You want to measure your carbon footprint accurately

You want to set a carbon target and take action to achieve it

Silver – integrate carbon reduction measures

You are managing your energy and resource use

Basic metrics for measurement and monitoring are in place

You want to get your staff involved in eco-friendly practices

You want to show year-on-year improvement and cost savings

Gold – achieve exceptional environmental performance

Environmental values are part of your business model

Energy and resource use are measured regularly

You want to achieve exceptional environmental performance

You want to grow your relationship with the local community

“It was great that the judges had recognised what smaller companies, with limited resource can actually achieve.”

Steve Crocker, CTS Sales and Service

“Working with Carbon Smart on our So-Go-Eco programme has helped us create a sustainable, practical plan to reduce our impact on the environment. We have succeeded in reducing our Carbon Footprint by 23% in our first year!”

Nik Goodyear, Ergomonkey

“We did not have the resources to become ISO 14001 certified so we went with Carbon Smart. Our clients were absolutely wowed by the So-Go-Eco programme and as a result retained us as an approved supplier.”

Tony Baker, The Roman Group

“Carbon Smart gave us clear direction. We’ve made savings, gained promotional opportunities and got our staff involved, too!”

– Franck Nicolas, Office for Public Management

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About Office Friendly

So-Go-Eco is a low cost, practical eco-friendly accreditation scheme. It is structured specifically for SMEs who otherwise may not have the resources to complete a programme of this kind. With an easy, flexible structure, the programme allows you to progress at a speed and level which is right for you.