The Award Winning Carbon Reduction Programme for SME's

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How can it benefit me?

The So-Go-Eco scheme has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from participating members, due to the many benefits which this scheme brings to your business.



reduce costs1


Reduce your energy costs

One of the core elements behind the So-Go-Eco scheme is its proven track record of saving you money. We highlight the most resource intense areas of your business, providing tailored solutions for you to reduce your expenditure using low-cost, practical methods which do not interrupt your normal business operations.

This is an issue which has become increasingly important due to the soaring prices of fuel and energy, essential requirements which are placing huge strain on Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). When these costs inevitably rise even further, you will be safe in the knowledge that you won't be hit quite as hard.

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Anticipate future legislation

With the swift growth in environmental legislation in recent years, the So-Go-Eco scheme can secure and prepare you for new regulations which are likely to head your way.

This means you will not have to panic when mandatory carbon reporting legislation such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme are expanded to include SMEs, as many predict it will. Instead, you will have gradually implemented your environmental strategy into your business model, reaping the rewards of which along the way.

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Enhance your green profile

We all know how competitive submitting bids for tenders can be, with businesses' environmental credentials increasingly becoming the difference between success and failure. This is known from firsthand experience, where many of our So-Go-Eco members have achieved successful bids after impressing clients with their environmental accomplishments. Not only does this apply to winning new business, but also retaining existing business as well.

In the present economic climate, it is essential not to let competitors get the edge on you.




staff engagement


Engage your staff

Improving and promoting your green credentials can not only have financial benefits in the form of new business, but it can greatly improve staff morale. Engaging your staff can have an assortment of benefits, such as improvements to employee motivation and retention. The latter can be particularly important when you consider the costs of having to train new staff.

The So-Go-Eco scheme provides guidance on communicating your goals to your staff, meaning you work together to achieve targets you set.


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