The Award Winning Carbon Reduction Programme for SME's

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Case Studies

This section discusses two distinctive participants in the So-Go-Eco scheme, The Roman Group and Boss Direct.

The Roman Group - Boss Direct


The Roman Group 



Who they are

The Roman Group Ltd is an independent office products dealer based in Bournemouth, Dorset. They deliver a range of services including office supplies, business machines, office furniture as well as interior design, office cleaning, marketing services and facilities management.

What they did

Through the So-Go-Eco scheme, The Roman group managed to significantly reduce their fuel consumption when making deliveries. This was achieved by minimising route mileages through enhanced fleet management, along with emphasising careful driving practices to drivers. To reduce their costs further, The Roman Group ensure that their vehicles are efficient and well-maintained.

Electricity consumption has been substantially lowered through staff engagement and other no-to-low cost measures. Proper insulation has also been fitted to reduce The Roman Group's heating costs.

Carbon emissions have been reduced further by limiting the amount of waste sent to landfill by introducing a centralized system for general and recycling waste, along with a responsible procurement policy.

What they have achieved

Using the tailored guidance provided by the So-Go-Eco scheme, The Roman Group have made substantial cost savings to the tune of £11,644 so far. This has subsequently saved over 52 tonnes of CO2 emissions, translating to a reduction of around 1.79 tonnes of CO2 per member of staff.


Boss Direct



Who they are

Based in Bolton, Boss Direct have been supplying office products to a broad spectrum of clients throughout the North West and nationwide for over 17 years. They offer a wide array of products and services to their customers, ranging from office furniture and electronic supplies to bespoke printing and stationery.

What they did

Boss Direct decided to target the two main aspects of their carbon-intensive expenditure; electricity consumption within their offices and fuel consumption arising from their fleet delivery services.

To reduce costs related to their electricity consumption, Boss Direct implemented a number of simple in-office measures to make significant savings. Amongst the various strategies put in place, Boss Direct were able to use staff engagement techniques to reduce their energy costs without disturbing normal business operations. This was in combination with the installation of energy efficient equipment, as well as an improved central heating system.

Additionally, management systems were put in place to reduce the amount of paper consumed within the office as well as route optimisation techniques to reduce the amount of fuel consumed during delivery operations.

What they have achieved

All in all, Boss Direct managed to achieve cost and carbon savings of at least 30% in these two areas. This has amounted to approximately £1,704 in saved electricity and fuel costs, along with 18.7 tonnes of CO2. This equates to 0.8 tonnes of CO2 saved per member of staff.



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