The Award Winning Carbon Reduction Programme for SME's

Welcome to So-Go-Eco

Welcome to So-Go-Eco The award-winning So-Go-Eco programme is a hassle-free solution developed to maximise a company’s potential through increased efficiency and environmental performance Read more

Discover the many benefits of So-Go-Eco

Discover the benefits of So-Go-Eco Reducing energy costs, anticipating future legislation and getting ahead of your competitors are just a few of the reasons why this scheme could be for you. Read more

Developed Specifically for SME's

Designed Specifically for SME's The So-Go-Eco scheme has been designed around small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who otherwise would not have the sufficient resources to complete a scheme of this kind. Read more


Curious about sustainability? Find out all about climate change and the road ahead.

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The SoGoEco programme has won many awards and gone from strength to strength since it's inception in 2008.

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Welcome to SoGoEco, the award-winning carbon reduction programmes for SMEs